Social Event

Mobile HCI 2010's social event takes place on September 9th in Palácio da Pena, Sintra. Before the social event, the participants will have some time to freely explore this mythical neighborhood.Transportation is provided by the organizing committee, for more details about the schedule please consult the conference's program.

Pena Palace

Sintra is considered not only one of the wonders of Portugal, but indeed of Europe. Once the royal town of the country, it now deservedly holds UNESCO world heritage status and attracts hordes of visitors throughout the year. Its unusual geography, nestled in a stretch of hills surrounded on all sides by plain, estuary or ocean, and its subsequent climate, which is perhaps more typical of Northern Europe, create a verdant paradise where ornate palaces lie hidden behind tall trees and walled gardens, history abounds and romantics feel that they have at last found their nirvana.


Palacio da Pena is an extravagant yet relatively modern building, erected in the 19th century in accordance with the whims and romantic fantasies of Ferdinand de Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the German husband of the then Queen Maria II. A true mixture of styles (Renaissance, Baroque, Moorish, Gothic and Manueline) adorn this enormous construction which occupies the site of a 16th century Hieronymite monastery, proudly sitting atop the hill behind the Vila de Sintra, at a height of 1500 metres. The outside evokes Disney in that its pink and yellow towers and domes boast drawbridges, sculptures and detail that one can only imagine exist in fantasy. Inside has been kept very much as it was left by its last royal occupant, Queen Amélia who, fearing the inevitable downfall of the monarchy in Portugal, fled the palace and the country in 1910. The panoramic views from the courtyard here are breathtaking.

Pena Palace