Future Innovations


Welcome to present your Future Inovations in MobileHCI conference!

  • Authors are required to bring their posters to the conference and a number will be assigned to them as to know the location where to hang their posters (bostik and poster stands will be available). Student volunteers will assist them at the venue.
  • 10 minute Design Theatre presentation (PowerPoint) at the Insane Session intended to engage, provoke, and stimulate the conference attendees.
  • Authors are also required to prepare a one minute PowerPoint presentation for the Madness Session and submit it to the Posters' chair until September 1st.
  • Authors will have to be, for the duration of the Relax Session, next to their posters in order to present and discuss them with the conference attendees

Quick Facts

  • Camera-ready version deadline: 16th June 2010, 9:00 EST
  • Camera-ready format: download updated ACM MobileHCI2010 Format
  • Camera-ready submission: Use the Publisher Site
  • Camera-ready submission note: do not submit the additional storyboard and slideshow, they will not be published.
  • Submission format: 2 pages in PDF in the ACM MobileHCI2010 Format, videos, storyboard or cartoon, or slideshow (details below).
  • Submission deadline: 9th April 2010, 23:59 GMT
  • Submission: Use the Conference Submission System
  • Notification of acceptance: 18th May 2010
  • Archives: Electronic conference proceedings and ACM Digital Library
  • Chairs: Mauro Cherubini and Kris Mihalic

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke

The Future Innovation Track aims to push forward innovative ideas with the potential to shape the future of mobile Human Computer Interaction. The track is open to any kind of idea, regardless whether it has been already published, patented or produced. We are especially keen to attract submissions from industry, non-academic groups and freelancers as well as academics in the field of mobile human computer interaction. Submissions can include (but are not restricted to) novel concepts, technology and experience prototypes, scenario descriptions, design sketches, digital art work and experience reports.

The track accepts the following digital submission formats:

  • Written text with images: 2-pages in PDF (ACM MobileHCI2010 Format)
  • Videos: any usual format (max. length 3 min.), accompanied by a short abstract describing the submission
  • Storyboard or cartoon: 3 pages DinA4 or letter format
  • Sideshow: a stack of images (max. 10) without text, accompanied by a short abstract describing the submission.

We are open to alternative submission formats. If you want to suggest an alternative format please contact one of the Future Innovation co-chairs: Mauro Cherubini and Kris Mihalic  (futureinnovations@mobilehci2010.org)

The most important criterion for acceptance is the degree of innovation.

The submissions will be evaluated by members of the MobileHCI2010 Program committee and submitters will be notified by May 18th, 2010. Accepted submissions will be presented in a new gallery format during MobileHCI2010. Accepted submissions will be published in the ACM library unless you prefer the concept to remain unpublished. Please state your preference clearly on the submission.