Doctoral Consortium


Welcome to present your Doctoral Consortium in MobileHCI conference!

  • 15 minutes presentation + 15 minutes discussion
  • If your presentation could be shorter than 15 minutes this would be of benefit for the discussion time
  • Authors are required to bring their posters to the conference and a number will be assigned to them as to know the location where to hang their posters (bostik and poster stands will be available). Student volunteers will assist them at the venue.
  • Authors are also required to prepare a one minute PowerPoint presentation for the Madness Session and submit it to the Posters' chair until September 1st.
  • Authors will have to be, for the duration of the Relax Session, next to their posters in order to present and discuss them with the conference attendees


Goals for the Presentation:

  • The overall goal is to present your goals in very precise and clear terms. Please give the panel a clear take away message the discussion and feedback could be based on.
  • Present your research question(s) in very clear and structured way
  • Present and motivate the approach you are going to take to tackle your research questions(s)
  • Give a very short and concise introduction of previous work your approach is based on
  • Tell us at what stage your work is at the moment


Quick Facts

  • Camera-ready version deadline: 16th June 2010, 9:00 EST
  • Camera-ready format: download updated ACM MobileHCI2010 Format
  • Camera-ready submission: Use the Publisher Site
  • Camera-ready submission note: Your camera ready files shall not include your CV and recomendation letter.
  • Notification of acceptance: 1st of June 2010, 23:59 GMT
  • Submission deadline: 28th of May, 2010, 23:59 GMT
  • Submission deadline: 9th April 2010, 23:59 GMT
  • Submission:Directly to the Doctoral Consortium Chair at:
  • Submission format: Single unanonymized document containing a one page abstract in the ACM MobileHCI2010 Format , a CV, and one-paragraph statement of benefits. Also a letter of recommendation should be submitted separately.

  • Doctoral Consortium: Tuesday, September 7th, 2010
  • Archives: Electronic conference proceedings and ACM Digital Library
  • ChairsManfred Tscheligi 

The MobileHCI2010 Doctoral Consortium provides an opportunity for Doctoral students to explore and develop their research interests in an interdisciplinary workshop, under the guidance of a panel of distinguished research faculty. We invite students who feel they would benefit from this kind of feedback on their dissertation work to apply for this unique opportunity to share their work with students in a similar situation as well as senior researchers in the field. The strongest candidates will be those who have a clear idea and an area, and have made some progress, but who are not so far along that they can no longer make changes. Accepted submissions will be presented both at the Doctoral Consortium, which is a venue open only to participants, and as a poster at the conference.

The Consortium has the following objectives:

  • Provide a supportive setting for feedback on students’ current research and guidance on future research directions
  • Offer each student comments and fresh perspectives on their work from faculty and students outside their own institution
  • Promote the development of a supportive community of scholars and a spirit of collaborative research
  • Contribute to the conference goals through interaction with other researchers and conference events

The Consortium will be held on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010. About 15 doctoral students will be invited to participate.

Current graduate students pursuing a PhD project who would benefit from detailed workshop discussions of their doctoral research should submit a single PDF file consisting of:

  1. A one-page abstract of your thesis work in the ACM MobileHCI2010 Proceedings Format. Clearly specifying:
    • Originality of the work with respect to current concepts and techniques
    • Importance of the work with respect to fundamental issues and themes in MobileHCI
    • Results to date and their validity
    • Contribution of the work (expected and/or achieved) to MobileHCI
  2. A second page with your CV and with a statement of expected benefits of participation

A recommendation letter from the Student’s Dissertation Advisor should be submitted separately and instructions will be provided at time of submission.

In addition to quality of content, factors such as position within the doctoral process and institutional representation may be taken in account if the number of applicants is particularly large. Candidates who have a developed idea but who still have time to be influenced will receive the strongest consideration. Participants in the Consortium will be selected by the Doctoral Consortium Committee.

Confidentiality of submissions is maintained during the review process. All rejected submissions will be kept confidential in perpetuity. All submitted materials for accepted submissions will be kept confidential until the start of the conference.

Accepted Doctoral Consortium abstracts will be distributed in the supplementary conference proceedings on CD-ROM. They will also be placed in the ACM Digital Library, where they will remain accessible to thousands of researchers and practitioners worldwide. Submission of the final camera-ready version includes and is not complete without giving us permission to distribute your final camera-ready version as described above. This permission is given during submitting the final version of your work via the Conference Submission System.

If you have questions about the Doctoral Consortium for MobileHCI2010, contact the Doctoral Consortium Chair Manfred Tscheligi at