The Gurus’ Views 2010

Thursday, 9th September (15h30 - 16h30)


Gurus’ Views 2010 is the sixth edition of the expert panel, addressing some of the hottest, most current and important user experience topics in an open interaction between experts and with the conference audience.  The previous panels held at Mobile HCI 2003 in Udine, CHI 2004 in Vienna, Mobile HCI 2005 in Salzburg, HFT 2006 in Sophia Antipolis, and HFT 2008 in Kuala Lumpur, organized by Bruno von Niman in collaboration with and always populated by senior global expertise have provided useful insight into some areas and have been appreciated by a global audience.
Some topics addressed by the experts are identified and prepared well ahead of the event, while others may be added late or even brought up during the panel, even by the audience.
Some experts are pre-invited, while others may be added late, in order to provide the most relevant coverage of the issues discussed.
Not all opinions expressed by the experts during the panel debate will necessarily reflect corporate positions but may be consisting of individual viewpoints based on experience, best practices or any other empirical evidence or gut feeling.
The following pages may provide some further insight.


The 6th edition of this expert panel will address some of the hottest, most current and important user experience topics in an open interaction between experts and with the conference audience. Some topics are identified and prepared well ahead of the event, while others may be added later or even brought up spontaneously by the Gurus or the audience, i.e.:

  • The fight against complexity – 6 years later: who prevails?
  • Challenging the state-of-the-art
  • Integrating green agendas and the UX
  • Importance and positioning of UX in industry
  • Non-disruptive media handling and integration
  • Agility of model-based approaches
  • Multicultural collaboration in global development
  • Working with research – 6 years later: definitely better?
  • Accessible societal e-Services in everyday life
  • Lifecycle perspectives of adaptation to context of use
  • Predicting the next he next big thing 2015


The panel discussion will aim to include and engage the audience into the debate, allowing comments and questions to be asked to the panel experts.
In particular, the panel will explore some of the more contentious themes to provoke the audience to further discussion and thought.
In order to aid the proper introduction of the topics and to focus the discussions on the highlighted issues, the organizers will first introduce each topic with the help of slides and other visual material to the audience and panel members.



Josh Ulm

The head of UX at Vodafone is a renowned user experience design professional with 15+ years experience in interaction design, software development, rich-media production and ubiquitous computing. Josh has created award-winning work for numerous clients including the International Olympic Committee and Microsoft. As an independent consultant, his clients have included top companies such as Samsung and Sony. For four years Josh built and lead Adobe System's experience design team before moving on to his current role directing Vodafone's global user experience team of 70+ design professionals. He has been personally profiled by Wired magazine and his work has appeared in Communications Arts several times; he presents frequently at industry events; and he's contributed to numerous design and Internet books including a recent contribution to Mobile Persuasion, a collection of perspectives on mobile design from Stanford University. Early on, Josh gained international recognition for his pioneering work establishing The Remedi Project - a first of it's kind, award-winning, online gallery for interactive art. 


Harri Kiljander

Before becoming the Director of UX Design & Brand at F-Secure, Harri has been heading Experience Design for Nokia Multimedia, leading the UI design activities for Nokia Nseries products, services, and software and heading Nokia’s corporate UI strategy. Harri is one of the original designers behind Nokia’s Series 40 and S60 UIs, he holds a PhD in interactive digital media, and a number of patents.


Scott Jenson

The Lead UI designer for Mobile at Google has been doing user interface design and strategic planning for over 20 years. He was the first member of the User Interface group at Apple in the late 80s, working on System 7 and the Apple Human Interface guidelines. He then joined the Newton group as a programmer/ designer. After Apple, Scott was a freelance design consultant, doing work for Netscape, Mayo Clinic, American Express, and several web startups. For 3 years, he was director of product design for Symbian.


Jim Nieters

The Director of User Experience at Yahoo!, Sunnyvale CA, USA has been a usability and UX design practitioner for more than 15 years—and a leader and management consultant for eight of those years. He built and managed the Cisco User Experience Design Group. Each year, over $200 million in increased revenues resulted from their work. Jim specializes in UX organizational leadership and transformation and in driving big ideas that significantly increase revenue.


Kristoffer Åberg

After close to 15 years in the mobile UX business, Kristoffer thinks things are starting to get interesting. As an expert at Sony Ericsson, dealing with current issues such as branded design language and interaction styles versus open platforms are only the first indications of new challenges brought by the exponential development in ICT. Kristoffer is curious about many things, but a red thread in his thirst for knowledge has always been thoughts about the future, and how to apply leadership to the creative process of getting there. For the first part of this decade he will focus on embodied interaction with ubiquitous computing, lean innovation and information evolution, teaching design for the real world, as well as spaceship concept art.

Additional panel experts

Some experts are pre-identified and invited (as those presented above), while others may be added late, in order to provide the most relevant coverage of the issues discussed (e.g. specific “hot topics” raised during the conference).


Jose Manuel Cantera Fonseca

The assisting organizer of Gurus’ Views 2010 holds a Masters Degree with honors in Computer Science from the University of Valladolid (Spain), being at the moment a PhD Candidate. He is co-author of 10 scientific publications in the area of the Mobile Web. From his position as senior technologist, he is in charge of coordinating the R&D activities of the Morfeo’s open source Mobile Web Group and is the leader of MyMobileWeb, a state-of-the-art open source platform for automatic adaptation of content & application to the Mobile Web. José represents Telefónica as an editor of W3C Recommendations in several W3C Working Groups.


Bruno von Niman

Initiator and main organizer of the Gurus Views’ expert panel series, Bruno is the owner and Lead Expert of vonniman consulting, focusing on the strategies, management and implementation of ICT user experience through various roles and assignments (e.g. developing the consumer requirements in W3C (for ANEC), as expert task force leader in ETSI (recently leading the expert groups implementing the European Commission's Accessibility Mandate M 376 and the team developing generic UX guidelines for the mobile environment), including as advisor and evaluator to European governments and global mobile industry leaders.
Bruno is a renowned industry expert, with previous positions in Ericsson as a catalyst and advocate of usability, accessibility and user experience in R&D, product development and standardization, also coordinating Group activities. Bruno was also a founding member and first Rapporteur of the Wireless World Research Forum's (WWRF) End User Aspects WG, the industry initiative addressing 4G issues.
He is also Vice Chairman of ETSI Human Factors and Chairman of the Permanent Steering Committee of the Human Factors in Telecommunications symposia, hoping to see many of you soon in India (