Doctoral Consortium

Tuesday, 7th September (Room: Castelo VIII)

09h00-17h30 . Coffee breaks: 10h00-10h30; 16h00-16h30 . Lunch: 12h30-14h00

The MobileHCI2010 Doctoral Consortium provides an opportunity for Doctoral students to explore and develop their research interests in an interdisciplinary workshop, under the guidance of a panel of distinguished research faculty. We invite students who feel they would benefit from this kind of feedback on their dissertation work to apply for this unique opportunity to share their work with students in a similar situation as well as senior researchers in the field. The strongest candidates will be those who have a clear idea and an area, and have made some progress, but who are not so far along that they can no longer make changes. Accepted submissions will be presented both at the Doctoral Consortium, which is a venue open only to participants, and as a poster at the conference.


  • Many Tabs Make a Light Board
    Nirmal Patel
  • Interactive mobile presentation of textiles
    Pawel Orzechowski
  • AppAware: Serendipity in Mobile Applications
    Andrea Girardello
  • Designing Spatial Audio Interfaces for mobile devices: supporting multitasking and context information
    Yolanda Vazquez-Alvarez
  • Influence of Feedback on the Quality of Multimodal Systems
    Julia Seebode
  • Assessing Mobile-wise Individual Differences in the Blind
    Tiago Guerreiro
  • Indoor Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Pedestrian with Wearable Computing
    Esteban Tobias Bayro Kaiser
  • On the move -Creating domesticity through experience design
    Aviaja Borup Lynggaard
  • Interaction Assessment through Physiological Interfaces in Collaborative & Mobile Environments
    Luís Duarte
  • Information Visualization on Mobile Environments
    Paulo Pombinho
  • Improving mobile interaction with context-awareness, multimodality, and adaptive interfaces
    Tiago Alexandre Custódio Reis

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