Getting There

Arriving in Lisboa (by air)

Lisboa is easy to get to. It is a short flight away from most European cities, and receives daily direct flights from many major cities.
Lisboa International Airport is 7 km away from the city centre and the SANA Lisboa Hotel where MobileHCI2010 is held.

Transportation from the airport to the conference location

  • Aerobus:
    Bus number 91, or Aerobus, travels between Lisbon city centre and the airport. It runs between 7:45AM and 8:45PM and the ticket is purchased on board. Not so nice when you carry luggage, but very cheap. Stops near the SANA Lisboa Hotel.
  • Taxi:
    Available right outside the Arrival and Departure halls. Taxis at departures are much more reliable (will not overcharge). A normal fare between the airport and the SANA Lisboa Hotel costs less than 10 Euro. It is normal to charge for luggage (but not more than 1,60 Euro for all the pieces of luggage). In case of doubt you are legally entitled not to pay and call the police or ask for help at the reception of your hotel.

Transportation within the city

  • Metro:
    The easiest way to move within the city is to use the metro, Here is a map of the metro in Lisboa.
  • Other:
    Other means of transportation are available. More information on transportation at the website: Transportation Info